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Career Opportunities at Pinkerton

SDĚLENÍ PARTNERA: For many, Pinkerton is a company that answers a calling. With a robust and a unified sense of purpose, a global force of Pinkerton agents and support functions band together to become something more than colleagues — they become a family. No matter how far they are spread apart, Pinkertons are bonded together by their shared commitment to integrity, vigilance, and excellence.

We are as invested in your career as you are. As you navigate through these uncertain times, know that Pinkerton has been a stable, thriving corporation for over 170 years. As recognized leaders worldwide in the corporate risk management industry, you can rest assured that joining us now means moving to a future-looking company. We are here today, will be here tomorrow, and are a thriving community of management professionals.

We support our major global clients by hiring RSOC Managers and Operators, who work in embedded roles for our international clients worldwide. Typically, the clients are U.S. Multinationals with Global Security Operation Centres. At Pinkerton, these professionals are called PDPs – Pinkerton Dedicated Professionals. We recruit and select, onboard, and support the PDPs (utilizing our in-house Pinkerton Intelligence Division) as they embed full-time and exclusively with our clients.

Our ideal candidate:

Are you a dedicated security professional or a student/graduate of security studies seeking a new challenge in risk management? We appreciated action-driven and open-minded applicants who have a passion for working in an international environment and love working in a dynamic team. If you speak fluent English and have previous physical security experience, you are the perfect candidate for our current openings. Let us introduce you to two exciting career opportunities that are currently available at our Regional Operations Center in Prague:

As a Security Operator, you will be assigned to a specific client and complete regional SOC (Security Operations Center) tasks, including handling incident and alarm responses, answering travel requests and creating security-related reporting. As an Operator, you will use established best practices to ensure the client's employees, buildings, and assets' physical safety and security.

As a Regional Security Operations Center Manager, you will manage the RSOC Operators' operational services within the GPS control room across all sites for the EMEA region. With the help of established best practices, you will ensure the client's employees, buildings, and assets' physical safety and security.

We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer that provides equal opportunity to all applicants for all positions without regard to race/ethnicity, color, national origin, ancestry, sex/gender, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, marital/prenatal status, pregnancy/childbirth or related conditions, religion, creed, age, disability, genetic information, veteran status or any protected status by local, state, federal or country-specific law.

About Pinkerton:

Pinkerton is a global risk management firm that supports security and intelligence activities in the private sector. The company operates throughout Europe and has offices in Berlin, Dublin, London, Prague, Stockholm, The Hague, and Warsaw. Pinkerton is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Securitas AB. Globally, we operate in 150 countries. We are the leading company in private sector intelligence and security and work with many Fortune 500 companies.

We support our global client base by providing embedded security and intelligence employees, called Pinkerton Dedicated Professionals (PDPs). Typically, our PDPs work directly for our clients, who operate Regional Security Operation Centres in Europe.

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